Lead Follow-up Made Easy

Following up with leads is critical to a real estate agents success but it's a job that never ends. Most real estate agents would rather be out selling homes so it’s often overlooked. It’s important to remember though that each lead could be worth thousands of dollars!

Many leads can take months to warm up and years to sell. Although you know it's wrong, it’s easy to give up on these leads out of sheer frustration. But what if you could send them a personalized real estate newsletter each month to keep in touch?

A monthly real estate newsletter means you never have to give up on a lead ever again. You’ll be in touch with them every month so they'll remember you when they’re finally ready to buy -- even if it's years later! That's thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise missed out on.

        The Benefits of a Monthly Newsletter
  • excellent follow-up tool
  • integrates into your site
  • auto subscribe option
  • easy to use control panel
  • fully customizable
  • maintenance free
  • personalized
  • inexpensive to send
  • environmentally friendly
  • no contract

More Repeat & Referral Business

Then there are all of the clients that you’ve helped purchase or sell homes for in the past. These are the ones you should be keeping in touch with for future moves or referrals as studies have proven that it's 10 times easier to maintain existing clients as it is to develop new ones. Your subscribers may even forward your newsletter onto their friends and family which is a great way to generate "word of mouth" business in addition to repeat business.

A monthly real estate newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with past, present & future clients. Creating, writing and sending a newsletter yourself each month is time consuming so that’s why we’ve done it for you! We create the content, help you manage your subscriber base and even email it out for you each month! In addition, there are other great features that allow you to easily add your own articles and integrate it into your site all for the low cost of just $25 per month! To get your very own web based real estate newsletter working for you, click here.

Client Testimonials

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Chuck Gulyas

"I've been using your newsletter service for around a year now and I think it's an excellent tool that helps me keep in touch with my ever growing database of leads. I had a lead from a couple a while back so I sent them a few listings but they never followed up. I gave up on them but then they responded to my newsletter six months later when they arrived in town. I never would have heard from these people again had it not been for the newsletter. I sold them a house that resulted in a $3,800 commission. This means that your service has already paid for itself a dozen times over!"

Chuck Gulyas - RE/MAX Real Estate
Lethbridge, Alberta -- 403.327.2221

Chuck Gulyas

"I have been using your newsletter for over a year now and am very pleased with the regular feedback I get every time my clients receive it. It’s a great way to keep in touch with my clients and prospects, and very professional. I am particularly pleased with the ease of use. Not only can I add my own articles and listings, but I can easily edit the standard articles if I feel that I want to say something a little differently. On top of all this, your customer service is great."

Armand Gilks - Bosley Real Estate
Toronto, Ontario -- 416.561.2710

Chuck Gulyas

"Real Estate Word has allowed me to grow the Internet portion of my business by providing a superior quality newsletter service to help me keep in touch with my leads. I monitor where my business comes from and am happy to report that many of them are a direct result of your service! My clients regularily give me feedback as to how much they like the information in the monthly newsletters."

Ruth Bowes - Royal LePage Royal City Realty
Rockwood, Ontario -- 905.691.5058

Phyllis Brown

"The reason I chose to use this service was the simplicity of the newsletter, the articles covered a wide range of topics and I didn’t have to do the work but it keeps me in front of my prospects. The list of prospects continues to grow and it surprises me when I see how many people are getting the newsletter after visiting the website. I’ve had people keep my name and call me when they get to town to start looking for a home and I really didn’t know who they were.

Phyllis Brown - York Simpson Underwood
Durham, North Carolina -- 919.490.6120

Marilyn Philbrook

"Just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great service! I’ve had clients that call me because of the newsletter all the time. I’m not good at following up with people and this has been a life saver for me! I had a new client as a result of another client reading her email when her friend was with her at the computer. The friend liked the articles, printed it off and called me several months later when she decided to move! It has paid for itself many times over already!"

Marilyn Philbrook - Right At Home Realty
Toronto, Ontario -- 416.898.6888

Carrie Giffen

"The Real Estate Word newsletter helps me to easily keep in touch with my clients so when they’re ready to make a move, I’m the first agent that springs to mind. I am impressed with the abundance of valuable home tips offered to clients covering all levels of their sale or purchase. I find this service extremely valuable, being that I do not have the time to compose a newsletter each month to send out to all my current, past and potential clients."

Carrie Giffen - Coldwell Banker Ontrack Realty
Red Deer, Alberta -- 403.304.0828

Ev Threadgould

"I always look forward to the first week of each month after my newsletter goes out because I never know who I'm going to hear from. There have been a few different occasions when I've sold & listed homes to clients who I'd thought had forgotten about me. The best part of this business is that you never know what'll happen from one day to the next. Your newsletter service takes it to the next level!"

Ev Threadgould - RE/MAX Advantage Realty
London, Ontario -- 519.649.6000

Lorraine Williams

"Your newsletter is a great marketing tool. I love that I can customize it if I want to or send it just as it is and I always get comments from past clients or prospective ones on how much they enjoy the newsletter. It’s informative, well laid out and easy to read in a short time. I think that it’s a perfect way to keep in contact with people every month with little or no effort on my part. I am very happy with this service!"


Lorraine Williams - Sutton Westcan Realty
Victoria, British Columbia -- 250.479.3333

John Loosdrecht

"I believe that I’ve been a part of the newsletter program since it started and have close to 400 people subscribed. It’s a great way to stay in front of your potential prospects. Even today I had someone from Britain respond to me by hitting the reply on the newsletter that they are relocating 6 months from now to the lower mainland. I have had this happen a number of times in the past. Also, I have had people respond that they have really enjoyed the content of the newsletter. I certainly like the program for my business."

John Loosdrecht - RETIRED
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Frank Watts

"Thanks so much for this great service Russ! Most of the leads I receive are long term investments that can sometimes take years to pan out. The way I look at it, a lead's a lead and will make me money either next month or next year. Your newsletter helps me keep in touch with the clients who say they're moving in a few months but then end up taking the better part of a year. If it weren't for the newsletter, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to be so persistent with my follow up."

Frank Watts - Royal LePage Your Community Realty
Newmarket, Ontario -- 905.715.1682

Gord & Cheryl Axford

"We appreciate the convenience of the monthly newsletter that you post to our website for our clients. It's a tool that we can use in our mailings, postcards, ads etc. to drive people to our website where they can subscribe and have it electronically delivered. We find it a great method of providing interesting information (with no work on our part) to get in front of clients or potential clients on a regular basis without being obtrusive to them."

Gord & Cheryl Axford - Prudential Sterling Realty
Burnaby, British Columbia -- 604.618.4673